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‘Ian's coaching was fantastic, and I felt really connected to my future and that I had real development goals to achieve.’

Senior Operational Manager in a large shared services business


‘I want to again thank you for your patient listening and wise counsel. I do believe you have helped me greatly, particularly in terms of my personal resilience and a fresh perspective.’

Executive in the health sector


‘Thanks very much for all your valuable advice, and also for your focus during all the discussions, you’ve been a great coach and it has definitely been a great learning journey for me.’

Senior Leader in a large private sector high-tech business


‘I just wanted to thank you for all the time that you have given me in the coaching program. I have really grown and got so much out of it and I really appreciate your pearls of wisdom and guidance throughout the process.’

Senior Leader in a health services organisation


‘Ian was able to tailor a specific coaching approach that matched my own style and needs in order to deliver the greatest possible benefit. My main area of need and development was to address a significant communication challenge. Ian approached this from various angles, giving me the opportunity to explore the situation from different angles, review and analyse problematic communications, and rehearse and recast planned communications.’

Senior Leader in a large Australian media organisation


‘Ian helped explore a main issue, its associated concerns and considerations and helped me through a very challenging time. The tools Ian gave me has helped with a range of situations ever since.’

Senior Leader in a large Australian media organisation



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