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A large shared service business with 7,000 staff wanted to transform this transaction based organisation through customer centric design and technological change. An essential dimension of this transformation is to create a constructive culture through engaging and achievement focused leaders.

Ian was engaged to design, deliver and evaluate a six month coaching program for middle and senior leaders in the largest division of the business. Ian worked with the Divisional Director, other senior leaders and organisational development specialists to implement a program of coaching for fourteen key leaders in the division. The program included a pre and post 360 feedback report and six sessions of coaching over eight months. The post program evaluation report demonstrated significant increase in constructive leadership styles and reductions in defensive styles. This directly contributed to the development of the culture required to prepare the organisation for the future.


"I grew in confidence, which has led to more focus on action and process rather than negativity and trying to 'fit in'."

Senior Operational Manager.

"Open constructive feedback improved our relationships and communication resulting in better leadership."

Senior Operational Manager

A large health service organisation in NSW with 11,000 staff wanted to continue to improve the quality of clinical care through improving clinical governance. The Director of Clinical Governance was the key leader of this area. Although he was successful in the role, he was working on a number of initiatives where he was not getting the engagement of peer executives and the Chief Executive.

Ian was engaged to provide an individually tailored coaching program for the Director to grow his ability to influence his peers and Chief Executive to ensure the continued quality of clinical governance into the future.

As a result of intense work on mindset and interpretations through the coaching experience, the Director was able to work more effectively with fellow leaders to ensure high quality clinical governance into the future.


"I want to again thank you for your patient listening and wise counsel. I do believe you have helped me greatly, particularly in terms of my personal resilience and a fresh perspective."

Director of Clinical Governance

A global high-tech engineering business with 3,600 staff in Australia wanted to improve customer focus, team engagement and efficiency to ensure the profitable delivery of large projects that they had recently won.

To support senior technical people to make the transition to operational leaders, the business implemented a development program for operational leaders. An important aspect of the program was 360 feedback and individual coaching.

Ian provided 360 feedback debriefs and follow-up coaching to help individuals move from a technical perspective to actively leading teams and initiatives across the business. The coaching was a vehicle for individual leaders to work on the important and nuances shifts in perspective that were essential to step into the leader role.

The coaching program helped leaders shift their focus to better engagement of direct teams and increased attention to the people aspects of collaboration that are vital for the future profitability of the business. This included active engagement with teams across the value chain and broadening influence to ensure innovative ideas gained traction.


"Thanks very much for all your valuable advice, and also for your focus during all the discussions. You’ve been a great coach and it has definitely been a great learning journey for me."

Senior Operational Manager

An important organisation in the transformation of Sydney’s transport infrastructure wanted to keep growing their constructive culture into the future. It also wanted to support the development of future CEO level leaders.

Ian was invited to provide a coaching program for a highly valued senior leader in the organisation. The program included pre and post 360 debriefs and coaching sessions over seven months. The specific focus was on enhancing executive presence and shaping a personal vision for the future. The coaching program also played an important role in integrating broader learning from a number of leadership programs into the mindset and practice of the senior leader.

The senior leader reported improved impact, effectiveness and efficiency in his self-management and influence with peers and stakeholders. He is also clearer on his future direction and contribution.


"Ian bought practical insights and suggestions into the coaching sessions that I could implement and see the impact straight away."

Executive Leader, Transport Sector.

A large, complex media organisation with 4,000 staff was undergoing fundamental transformation as technology reshapes the sector. This generated internal turbulence and ambiguity. The ability of leaders to execute large scale change is vital to the future of the organisation.

The organisation wanted to support senior managers to lead this type of change and invited Ian to provide a program of coaching for the senior leader of research services.

Ian worked with this senior leader over a six month period with a series of one to one coaching sessions. The focus was on how to manage key relationships and also how to maintain personal well-being and resilience by clarifying personal purpose.

The senior manager continues to lead extensive re-shaping of this area of the organisation to maximise the benefits of emerging technology. He has a greater awareness of his purpose and values which creates the ongoing commitment and energy required to lead this important transformation.


"Ian was able to tailor a specific coaching approach that matched my own style and needs in order to deliver the greatest possible benefit. My main area of need and development was to address a significant communication challenge. Ian approached this from various angles, giving me the opportunity to explore the situation from different angles, review and analyse problematic communications, and rehearse and recast planned communications. Although this was the central issue, Ian helped explore associated issues and considerations and helped me through a very challenging time. The tools Ian gave me has helped with a range of situations ever since."

Senior Leader at large Australian media organisation.


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