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For leaders who are shaping our future. 

Our Shaping the Future Executive Coaching program is designed for executive and senior leaders who want to expand and shake up their current way of being to excel at developing new strategies, organisations, services and products that will lead the way into the twenty-first century.

Our world is going through continuous, redefining and rapid change.

The social, political, economic and business structures that were built during the latter part of the twentieth century are crumbling and disappearing as multiple movements of disruption hit. Along with the structures and ways of doing that are no longer relevant or useful, our mindsets and way of seeing and acting into the world are not yet up to dealing with the current world and emerging future.

A new style of leadership is required

The program is based on emerging research in the field of somatic-neuroscience. Through the Shaping the Future program, executive leaders who are open and ready can undergo a deep transformation of their way of seeing and thinking to remain resilient, focused and true to themselves in this emerging world.

Expand and shake up your way of being to transform your leadership capabilities.

Program Outcomes

Our Shaping the Future Executive Coaching program is a challenging, transformational experience for executive leaders who are looking for different leadership possibilities. Through our coaching program people will:

  • Re-imagine possibilities for themselves, their organisations, their markets and their world.
  • Understand how their perception and interpretation of the data of experience shapes their horizon of possibility.
  • Intentionally create and spread mood states into their organisation that will generate engagement and achievement.
  • Use language and deeper listening to achieve better outcomes faster.
  • Actively sustain personal resilience through demanding times.
  • Become an astute observer of their own way of being by tuning into their use of language, their mood and their body state to become a more adaptive leader.
Adapted to meet individual requirements

Program Components

The typical duration of the Shaping the Future Executive Coaching program is 12 months and includes:

  • Four 1.0 hour face to face setup and review sessions with the executive leader and the person they report to.
  • Twenty x 1.5 hour coaching sessions. Coaching sessions can be conducted face to face or via video-link or a combination of different methods agreed with the individual.
  • Unlimited phone, text and email support as required (response within 24 hours guaranteed)

The time-frame and delivery of this program can be tailored to individual needs.

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