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As a leader, every interaction you have with one of your leadership team is an opportunity for development coaching. The key is to make sure your direct report leader is working their brain harder than yours. Default to asking questions rather than just spitting out answers.But there is another benefit to taking a coaching approach

Getting a coach is becoming a big thing. Leadership coaching, as a service, has been around for a while now. Early on there were predictions that it was just a fad that would fade away. Certainly, the expertise, qualifications and accountability of leadership coaches has been enhanced. Far from a passing fad, leadership coaching is

We used to talk about the speed of change, but the last two years have been off the charts for many industries and organisations. The impact of the pandemic led to urgent setting up of whole new work systems and even whole new organisations in areas like health and mass reductions in other sectors like

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When you move into your first role where you are the leader of other leaders, at first your focus is on the leaders and the teams that directly report to you. There is a lot to get your head around. One of the dimensions of the leader of leader role that’s easy to neglect is

It’s a common misconception that micromanaging is just being a mean boss. You can easily assume, ‘I’m a nice person, so I can’t be a micromanager.’ It’s not always easy to see that you are micromanaging. That won’t stop this micromanaging habit from having a huge impact on your ability to lead other leaders. Some

“It’s quicker if I just do it myself!” Every leader has said this at some time. When you are leading a team of technical professionals and you have been one yourself, it may be true. Once you are a leader of leaders, your default setting has to be that you never ‘just do it yourself’.

Let your leaders out to play

Your leaders must have space to play to be able to lead. We can call this space a sandbox. A sandbox is a space where people can work without being monitored or given specific directions on what they should be doing. It’s all about the freedom and support you give them so that they can

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“Leadership transitions are one of the most stressful times in a person’s career and can also be one of the most difficult periods in someone’s life,” according to Dr Ty Wiggins. While we’re not surprised to hear that, what is shocking is how little help new senior leaders get when they take on their new

Give yourself a promotion

Frieda was a brilliant engineer. So brilliant that she was chosen to be the team leader of a team of specialist engineers. Frieda was pretty good at that too, so she got promoted to the Operations Manager job with six reporting senior engineers and a total team of sixty engineers and technicians.Frieda still saw herself

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