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Helping experienced professionals become great leaders

Our Expert to Leader Coaching program is designed to help people grow from technical expert to the leader of a team.

Develop a new set of skills and way of being

In the knowledge economy, professional individual contributors often don’t move into their first leadership role until they are well into their careers. To reach high levels of professional competence as a lawyer, doctor, teacher, actuary, engineer, allied health professional or architect takes years of work experience on top of years of study. By then, people are well trained in the disciplines, content and mind-set of the technical expert. When they find themselves the leader of a team it can be challenging to make the necessary transition from the mindset and way of being of a professional expert to a leader of people, sometimes the leader of people who a month ago were their professional peers.

Become an astute and agile collaborator and influencer

Program Outcomes

Our Expert to Leader Coaching program helps experienced professional become great leaders. Through our coaching program people will:

  • Understand their current mindset and way of being and which aspects will serve them best as a leader.
  • Move into new mindsets and ways of being that will open up broader possibilities as a leader.
  • Implement proven leadership practices and routines to lead teams of professional contributors.
  • Understand their own strengths and motivational patterns and use this to generate high levels of personal job satisfaction and growth.
  • Understand the reality of team and organisational dynamics and become an astute and agile collaborator and influencer.
Lead teams of professional contributors

Program Components

The typical duration of the Expert to Leader Coaching program is 5 months and includes:

  • One hour program setup meeting with the coachee, their leader and Ian to agree the goals and approach to the program.
  • Five x 1.5 hour coaching sessions. Coaching sessions can be conducted face to face or via video-link or a combination of different methods agreed with the individual.
  • One hour program review with the coachee, their leader and Ian to assess progress and plan future development.
  • Additional programs can be purchased as required.

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